Learn how concrete staining will transform your interior and exterior floors. Today’s post gives every reason to concretize your love for stains. If you got concrete floorings on your residential and commercial properties, stained concrete St Louis is for you.

Browse our list below and get answers and get amazed why stained concrete floors are the best!

luxurious home with stained concrete flooring

Reasons Why Your Home & Business Floors Need Staining

1- Coloring Choices

The stains, you know, are chaotic, but the stains decorative resurfacing got are colorful. Simple solid pigments covering the floorings are simply stunning. The distinct style you get from this resurfacing technique is translucent, lustrous, polished floors.

Dark, deep, earthy hues are conventional stained concrete floors. If you got driveways or pool decks to finish, the staining methods offer you effects that you would not expect.

The sepia shades that water-based stains produce makes an excellent match for an oasis themed pool area. Neutral or warm vintage translucent colors suit the exterior concrete, driveways, patios, and walkways. Make elegant steps anywhere you walk.

2- Creative Control

There are two methods for staining, acid-based and water-based. The secret of elegantly built footings is all thanks to the act of etching. The process is known for colors that penetrate the concrete.

The truth, however, is that it is not only absorbing the pigments that occur. Etching changes the nature of the concrete. It alters the whole color composition of the substrates.

Having this principle makes one push precision while getting creative. You can decide if you’re going to use acid or water-based staining. The key to successful staining is control of pouring the solution. Once applied, reversing the effects is impossible.

If not sure of how you would like to DIY this technique, better get the experts to get this job right.

3- Stain-resistance

Concrete loves the stains, the decorative ones. The staining technique hates the messy, ugly stain. Exterior floors like the patio, pool decks, and concrete driveways are prone to harmful satins and dirt that becomes tough to remove. Muds, soils, spilled chemicals and car oils drive you nuts.

Staining is a perfect way to camouflage the chaos that had been marked on the surface.

4- Eco-Friendly

Cost-efficient products do not only save your resources. Also, eco-friendly materials and products save natural resources. Stained concrete floorings make the slabs and surface durable and highly resistant to damages.

Having this kind of longevity minimizes replacement. No need to cut and mix raw materials from Mother Nature.
It cuts your disposal requirements. No resources and labor were wasted. Time and energy get saved, too.

stained concrete floors in a bar with mono chairs
shiny stained concrete kitchen floor
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