Stained Concrete St Louis, MO: Water-based Stain

glossy gray water-based stained concrete flooringWitness unique, eccentric, and stylish floors paved into your residential and commercial properties with Stained Concrete St. Louis. Achieve top of the line flooring solutions installed by the experts in town. Providing decorative resurfacing and concrete polishing the company’s team of professionals surely will make your dream flooring into reality.

We specialize in water-based stain to make your concrete floors an instant attraction to business spaces and homes. These flooring systems are adding value through pleasing aesthetics and functional indoor as well as outdoor surfaces.

The staining process with water is simple. Time and cost-efficient, this method will instantly coincide with your home improvement requirement.

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Water-based Concrete Stain St Louis MO

Depending on the flooring requirement you need on your interiors or exteriors, you can have a customizable design with concrete staining. Sustainability and materials also used what you need to consider. For water staining, concrete floors receive new pigments and varied depth of color.

Water-based Concrete Staining Process

acid-stain-concrete-floorUnlike acid-based stain, the concrete surface does not have to react to the staining material. It consists of three main components; binder, pigment, and water as the carrier. The carrier serves as the medium where the pigment or the dye to be used will flow, making the surface covered with the new layer of colors. 

The binder you can use to seal the pigment on the surface can be an acrylic polymer, and the other one is a silicate. This particular staining method can allow you to be flexible with the design. Without using a binder to seal the pigment, the colors or the stain will wear off after some time. You can apply new pigment s again if you want to modify the colors or the design.

Because you are using a pigment carried by water, the installer can control how deep or light the tone of the paint will come out. 

Staining with water and pigment produces a more subtle tint on the floor when covering the concrete surface. It has a lighter tone and delicate texture. You can incorporate water-based designs in an indoor or outdoor floor to create a chic, solid color combination on a plain surface. 

You can also produce a washed coloring type on the surface, making a lighter, softer visual on the concrete.

Decorative Concrete Staining: Versatile, Customizable User Friendly

stained concrete interior floor in st louisThe water-based application allows you to alter the concrete stain colors and modify the tones and the floor’s design themes. It requires a simple application, with pigments and water as the main component. It is user-friendly. 

While you can efficiently conduct the application on your own, you can have experts do it for you, especially for large spaces. The process is simple and uses accessible materials. Water staining on concrete is affordable.

The easy application of stain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor floors. Fit it anywhere in your home or business space while translating the artistic side in your properties.

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