The whitewashed patterns that also identify with Scandi-styled floors are today’s emerging trend. Scandinavian inspired designs are commonly created on hardwood floorings. The stained concrete floors St Louis achieve the same for your home’s grey, cold footings.

The washed effect reminisces the cascading sands by the coastal areas. It’s no wonder that people nowadays are falling in love with these subtle but stunning look. The color white brushed onto a concrete surface gives a sense of calm, relaxing mood.

Read on today’s list to learn how staining can set the mood for your home’s interiors and outdoor settings. There is something for the minimalist, or for renovating a cozy space or find something you can prepare on the love-month for a couple’s date at home.

luxurious home with stained concrete flooring

4 Ways to Make Your Floors More Loveable

1- White Space for a Relaxing Bedroom

white space bed room Acid-staining is one of the two methods of stained concrete. This technique is common for DIY home improvement. It achieves a bare cement look to the floorings.

If you are tired of using conventional materials like carpets, rugs, and mats, you can relax and quickly pour stain on the surface. The acid reacting with the cement produces a subtle cloud-like pattern. It instantly creates designs on the floors. The neutral grey is shaded with white.

Include staining the floors as one way you can make a calming and relaxing space for you to restart a new year.

2- Kitchen Mess to Nothingness

minimalist white space kitchenKitchen areas already had enough of mess and chaos from cooking and baking. That’s why nowadays, many homeowners go minimalist. They now love to have less clutter and more organized, free space in the kitchens.

Minimalism is identified with the word nothingness. Incorporate this style when you renovate and empty your kitchen areas. As you move everything out, treat the floors with staining. Expose the grey floors and let them breathe!

You will also be surprised how the stained concrete floors empty your worries out. If you lost hope in removing the mess that got stuck on the floor, acid-based staining would renew the surface. It will melt the dirt that penetrated overtime.

3- Understated Underground Spaces

Have you heard of the Lucker House? A famous architect named Jamie Fobert is known for using robust material that speaks volumes and light.

His understated architecture is displayed in one of his creations, the Lucker house. It features concrete walls and solidly cemented stairs leading to an underground living room. Concrete is its dominant feature and combined with light furniture to create a spacious look around the room.

The Lucker House maintains a high ceiling where light is dispersed from minimal bulbs attached to it. The floors are finished with an exposed look. A neutral whitish matte floor looks great for this theme. Steal this idea for you to add a modern space or a guest room in your basement.

4- Romantic Era Inspired for Aged Patios

Finding a romantic spot around the city can be challenging. You could also be running out of ideas. Where else can you bring your loved one when the love-month arrives?

Look around your patios at home. Set up an intimate space here where you can take your wife and children to dinner. Don’t worry if you feel you’re out of time to transform an aged patio. Staining the outdoor concrete creates a matte and whitewashed look. It will coincide perfectly with an intimate backyard set-up.

Or try a water-based stain. It will make the crease look like an accent on the floors. Finish it with a glossy sealer, bringing back color and a vibrant look on the surface.


A lot transpired to create many stained-inspired techniques. Creative professionals and DIY lovers want to incorporate the matte and mottled appearance. It’s no question why stained concrete is the best type of flooring in St Louis, Mo. The local folks in a laid-back community in Missouri admire the simplistic approach of floor stains.

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