The floors you love are floors that last. Stained concrete floors St Louis creates elegant surfaces that last for a long time. It stays tough, as well, even if exposed to high-traffic activities.

In addition, the staining technique can incorporate cracks and faulty lines from old existing concrete. Staining has been around for ages. Home and business owners love the staining technique for making well-loved floors exist for decades.

Here are top and trending staining ideas for you that are suitable for both home and business spaces. Try these today and have floors that never get outdated.

glossy gray water-based stained concrete flooring

1- Rustic Creases

Don’t get dismayed when you see creases on the floors. These are the best time for you to apply staining techniques to decorate your homes’ concrete footings. Concrete floors crack due to several reasons. One quick fix that will not demand costly replacement is stained concrete floorings.

The water-based stain is one method that allows creating vibrant and translucent coloring on the concrete floor. Cracks adapt to staining. Recoloring the floors with earthy or warm tones produces vintage-styled surfaces.

Here you can create a rustic theme in your interiors. Or if you got a country-styled lodging creased stained floor well coincides perfectly.

2- Whitewashed for Whitespaces

Whitewashed floors look plain. This style is perfect for a minimalist themed interior. Whitespaces look calming and relaxing. The flooring style that perfectly suits this motif is the acid-stained concrete floors.

The grey concrete reacts to the acid solution. The result is matted and whitish morphing staining patterns on the floors. 

You can leave the whitewashed surface as it is. Or another option you have is to apply a clear coating as a protective layer.

3- Mottled Mid-Century Vibe

For hotels, lobbies and lounges are perfect for welcoming guests to a mid-century ambiance. Mottled floors bring a sense of the classical era where people meet and greet at the center of a hallway or a ballroom.

This is also beneficial in terms of installation. Staining is perfect for huge halls, and lobby area staining does not require massive tools. The installer can also control how staining will cover up the surface.

4- Faux Finish

Create marble-like floors through acid staining. This is the unique feature of stained floors. Staining is simple, but the result is stunning.

Acid-washing imitates the finish of marbled-patterns on the floors. Through staining, you can afford elegant, first-class floorings. The staining patterns penetrate the surfaces so it will not quickly fade.

Go for this flooring technique! You’ll walk on a precious stone without paying the price of a gem.

shiny stained concrete kitchen floor
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