If you are looking for practical decorative concrete resurfacing, stained concrete floors are your best choice. Seeing the look of stunning floors may get you to ask “Are stained concrete floors expensive? No, not at all!

Get all the numerical facts on concrete staining St Louis answered and other stained floors FAQs such as:

  • Is staining the concrete a good option?
  • Does staining add value to your home?
  • Which is the best option, stain or paint?

All these and other factors that could help you start a resurfacing in your properties today brought you by Stained Concrete Floors, St Louis.

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Basic Cost for Stained Floors

You can start resurfacing your concrete floors today at just $1.50 to $2 per square foot. It’s possible with concrete staining. It’s A practical resurfacing job. Even if you have old concrete floors, they will result in brand-new-looking concrete flooring.

Basic Staining Process

There are two ways that you can associate when you say stipend floors. These are the water-based staining and the acid-stained concrete. 

The primary process involved using staining dye as the coloring base and finishing over the contrite surfaces. The stain or dye is carried by a water solution for water-based stain, which results in translucent earthy or warm colors. Acid stain, on the other hand, creates a washed or mottled effect. The staining cost penetrates within the concrete substrates.

Thus, staining is a practical finishing where its colors do not fade even under heavy traffic and constant use.

Stained floors: Expensive?

light colored acid stain floorIf you do not want basic staining and want to go all out with the process., you use and combine multiple colors and designs. Decorative staining uses more complex patterns and layers of staining to ensure the longevity of the stained patterns. 

Also, high-end commercial spaces opt for highly decorative and stylized floors. These areas are also massive in terms of area size. Staining concrete can be pretty expensive when you put these factors in.

A high-end stylized stained concrete flooring cost around $7 to $25 per square foot. The complex stained patterns include sawed outlines and multi-layer of coloring. The results of these elaborate stain displays color build-up. You can use two to three at most, but for a personalized effect, you can add more. And even add decorative lines to make a distinct design on the stained floors. 

You can also incorporate stencil patterns as a design coat for your stained flooring.

Creating illusions of images is perfect for the translucent, morphing base colors that the stained floors make.

Cost Estimate Summary Stained concrete

  • A basic stain job using one color -$2-4 per square foot; includes minor slab or surface preparation, finished with a final coat sealer.
  • Intermediate stain job – $4-10 per square foot; also uses single color + surface prep + one final sealer
  • Complex sawed patterns with multiple color combinations – $8-15 per square foot
  • A high-end stain job – $12-25 per square foot; uses stencil work and hand-made or custom stained patterns.

In a Nutshell

Summing up your stained floors requires simple tools and staining materials. You can also opt for DIY stained patterns. But if you need to work on massive commercial concrete floors, opt for working with expert concrete flooring installers in your area.

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