shiny stained concrete kitchen floorHave your housing and business properties elegantly furnished with stained concrete floors. Concrete staining is one of the highly recommended finishing for concrete surfaces. The glossy effect of applying concrete stains in your commercial spaces enhances their interiors.

Stained concrete floors come in different designs and colors, imitating patterns of nature. It brings out the inner classiness and sophistication that you apply when designing your properties. Applying stain on floorings gives you economic advantages. It has low-cost maintenance with a high-end finish that invites audience traffic in your area.

You can never go wrong when choosing stained concrete floors. To get you started with an idea for uplifting your floorings, here is what all you need to know about stained concrete floors.

All-around Home Design 

stained concrete interior floor in st louisStained concrete floors are versatile. They use stencils of intricate designs to match traditional and contemporary housekeeping styles. You can choose from a variety of textures, patterns, and colors that will fit the whole motif of your home and commercial spaces. 

The variety of designs of stained concrete floors are wood plank patterns, giving a rustic, natural woodwork theme in your rooms. The colors that come with these patterns are earthy, neutral, and deep brown tones. If you are someone who loves using elaborate patterns and getting experimental with designs, stained concrete floors also come in vibrant color options. Depending on the style you want in your home or business establishment, you can find one that suits your taste.

The result of stained concrete on your floors also depends on the method of concrete staining you will choose. Either acid-based stain or water-based stain, the designs will give you a result that will match the style you want.

Contact a licensed and trusted concrete flooring contractors. A stained concrete floor applied expertly will give you years of satisfaction for an exquisite interior that is inexpensive.

Excellent Investment

stained concrete floors in a bar with mono chairsConcrete floors are a good investment for your homes and business properties. It is a durable structure that takes years before you will need a repair or a reapplication. Make sure to hire trusted concrete flooring contractors to give you a satisfying job. When choosing stained concrete floors, have a goal set in your mind and communicate to your designers the designs that will match your properties’ overall motif. 

Stained concrete has the glossy finish that makes the surface of your hallways and rooms easy to clean. The elaborate patterns that come with concrete staining give the effect of camouflaging dirt and natural or man-made stains. It will not be easy to notice the mess because the translucent patterns of concrete staining are infused in the surface image on the floor.

Concrete Staining Methods

concrete stains on basementThere are two methods of applying concrete stained floors you can choose to fit the process you want in your properties. The first one is an acid-based stain which utilizes the chemical reaction to a pavement or a surface to bring out a distinct pattern. Acid-based stain application makes a blended pattern making a dual color combination effect on the surface. You can use acid-based stain, especially for balconies or patio. This also works well with transition rooms or hallways to give a variation into the image of your rooms.

A water-based stain is what you can use best for functional rooms inside your house where people often gather or stay for a long time. It is low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making a safer indoor air quality. It is perfect for minimalist owners aiming for a modern home or commercial space interior.

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