A grey, dull concrete floor transforms beautifully with acid stain St Louis. Staining brings a concrete surface a new look by adding onto it pigments that penetrate deep within the layers.

Among the two major types of concrete staining, acid-satin is tricky to use. It has one of the most distinct textures and styles that can be given to a floor.

Here are the pros and cons to consider if you like acid-stained floors.

acid stained concrete st louis mo
stained concrete floors in a bar with mono chairs

The Pros

1- Relatively Inexpensive

Acid-staining technique is less expensive than any other concrete flooring system. With acid as the carrier of the staining pigment, this process can be done fast. You can also choose to use it by yourself. 

With the right skill and knowledge, you can cut the cost of hiring the expert to pour the stain. You will only need their advice on choosing a suitable material and product.

Also, acid staining can work with old floors. It will not be necessary for you to spend on removing damaged concrete. That will be expensive.

The acid-stained floor works through the cracks. It will add durability to the floors as well.

2- Dozen of Design Possibilities

Acid staining can incorporate various tones of colors. The choices for this technique are numerous. You can also use this and combine it with other flooring styles.

You can control the pouring of the stain to achieve the design you like. Staining produces distinct patterns like marble, swirling translucent lines, or nebulous patterns on the floors. 

Or you can have the neutral effect of acid on the floor. White-washed to greyish colors can quickly adapt to any design or motif in your interior. If you want to change your option, you can also easily cover up the former stained floor with other resurfacing techniques.

3- Staining is Simple

Staining with acid is simple. Also, it treats the floors with kindness. Applying this does not have an impactful effect on the concrete. No need for tedious actions.

Though the acid-stained patterns penetrate the layers and provide a permanent pigment, you can use neutral coating or acid wash the surface to revert its neutral, plain surface. Then it’s ready for a different design that you like.

concrete stains on basement
luxurious home with stained concrete flooring
light colored acid stain floor

The Cons

1- Permanent Pigment

Having said the advantages and good effects of using acid for concrete staining, they can somehow be a disadvantage. The permanent pigment on the floor may tire you. A new idea can spark in your mind, and you may want to get rid of the floors’ patterns.

Thinking that the stain using acid cannot be reversed can be a worry for you.

2- Acid can be Risky

Working with acid is hazardous. So, if you are not sure if you can safely use acid-staining, you must rely on the experts. The trick in using acid is also how well you prepared the mix.

Putting too much acid can be risky for you and for the floors also. The scent and fume of the mix can be harmful to the smell. It can potentially hurt the eyes, too. Be wary then. Using this technique should prepare you to prepare the necessary safety tools and gears.

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