Stained Concrete St Louis, MO: Acid Stain

stained concrete interior floor in st louis

Stained Concrete St. Louis offers aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective flooring finishes that can perfectly transform dull-looking flooring systems into appealing floors that work for both interior and exterior spaces. Our expert stained concrete service is a trusted solution throughout St. Louis, MO. We offer a wide range of designs, colors, and options for acid stained concrete projects. To make the decision process easier for you, we have put together our sample projects so you could better choose the best flooring design suitable for your floors. Customization requests are also available.

Concrete staining can improve the aesthetic look of your floors. The high-quality stains permanently stay on the concrete, which can last for many years. Whether you want to enhance the look of your garage, basements, or patio area, we offer the best stained concrete solutions based on your budget.

Concrete is a porous material, which means that it can not penetrate well using materials such as paint. On the other hand, an acid-based stain is a product that works well with materials that are porous such as concrete. Acid stain is a popular material that has been used for many years, it produces unique decorative concrete finishes and has been known for its excellent penetrating abilities on concrete slabs.

Acid-Based Concrete Stain

Property owners have an option to choose which color or design they prefer in concrete staining their floors. It can also be customized based on your target finishes:

acid-stain-concrete-floorAcid Stain

Acid-based stain is a reactive type of product, it produces different tones and colors, unlike water-based stains. When the material is applied to the concrete, it creates a chemical reaction due to its metallic salt content, making it produce a unique flooring design. The random flooring finishes are similar to natural stones, mottled, or leather-like designs that are mostly in earthly tones. Since it produces random effects, most acid stained concrete is uniquely made, it is available in earthly tones including tan, terra cotta, brown, blue-green, and other earthly tones.

Decorative Concrete Staining: Cost-Efficient & Long-Lasting

Concrete paints can produce an acceptable finish for areas with low traffic, but these types of material can eventually wear off, causing to show the surface through. The ability of acid-based stain to etch on the concrete floors and other surfaces works better than paint. It also leaves a permanent stain that won’t easily chip or peel off over time.

Using concrete paint leaves the surface extremely smooth, which eliminates the grip on the floor and may cause accidents. If your concrete floor is too smooth, it is better to apply acid stain to have enough texture on the surface. You may be successful using paint while maintaining the grip of the floor if you will be applying the material on well-prepared pavers, stepping stones, or any kind of aggregate concrete. However, it may easily peel away, especially if it’s applied to high traffic areas.

The application of acid-based concrete stain is different from painting a concrete slab using a roller. Making use of acid stain produces random effects and finishes because the product is reactive. But to be able to achieve your target design using an acid stain, it is important to have it done by a professional. They are experts in providing outstanding results that would enhance the look of your indoor or outdoor spaces.

acid stain interior concrete floor
acid stain concrete floor in st louis mo
stained concrete interior floor in st louis mo

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