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Concrete stains are a beautiful, cost-effective technique that can instantly transform dull-looking concrete floors into attractive glossy floors that work well both indoors and outdoors. As the preferred St Louis concrete contractor of so many business owners and residents, we are proud to offer a range of concrete floor staining services – whether you’re looking for a classic acid stained floor or a modern water-based stained floor. Our portfolio of patterns, textures, designs, and colors have been put together to make the decision-making process easier for you, but we are happy to entertain any custom requests.

Refinish and re-color your floors with our high-quality stains that give your floors a permanent and stain-resistant design that will outlast the years. Whether you’re looking to stained concrete patios, concrete basements, or garages, we have solutions that work for anyone with any budget.

Acid and Water-based Concrete Stain

Floor owners can choose to stain concrete with an acid stain or a water-based stain, depending on their target look. Here is an overview of each concrete staining type:

Acid Stain

  •  contact with the lime content of the concrete floor. As a result, the 
    random effects created may be similar to leather, natural stone, or mottled concrete surfaces. The effects are so unique that no two acid stained floors look exactly alike. Acid stain concrete is available in colors like brown, tan, terra cotta, subtle blue-green, and other earthly hues.

Water-based Stain

  • This non-reactive stain is perfect for more specific and meticulous designs. It comes in a wider spectrum of concrete stain colors that dry to an opaque finish. You may mix two or more colors to create interesting hues.

stained concrete interior floor in st louis

Staining is meant to add life and vibrancy to your outdoor surfaces and interior floors, so make sure that the contractor you hire is experienced and professional enough to know how to work on your decorative concrete services and projects efficiently.

Don’t leave the fate of your property in the hands of amateurs. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured decorative concrete contractor with over 8 years of experience delivering custom flooring to our communities in St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis stained concrete floors like you’ve never seen before!
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